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7/29/2021 (Permalink)

cleaning restroom professionally Go BACK TO SCHOOL with us and feel assured you're hiring the BEST to tackle on the disinfecting service you need!

Did you know the flu virus can travel up to 12 feet through the air, at 100 miles per hour? That’s faster than a running cheetah, hitting a max speed at about 70-80 mph, THAT’S CRAZY! But with that being said, flu season is right around the corner along with BACK TO SCHOOL. Weather your littles ones remain taking classes from home, or go back to school it’s important to realize that we may not be able to prevent our kids being exposed to germs and viruses.

Here at SERVPRO we understand the safety of our children is #1 priority over all, so we handle our disinfection cleaning services VERY seriously. Weather you’re using this service to prevent viruses or even after a covid-19 exposure, you can count on us to handle the job 100% to the fullest.

Our disinfection services are highly requested from schools, daycares to personal homes for the same reason that it provides an assuring feeling that our children will be safe inside the building or home as well.

We work 24/7/365, viruses don’t take vacations and neither do we! Being a family-owned franchise, we understand our children’s health and our own cant be delayed. Call us! For more information on our disinfection cleaning services!!

Interesting Facts About Fire

7/13/2021 (Permalink)

fire-restoration-clean-up-team Our technicians helper, in this picture, is working on demolition. YES, we get to all the tight spots! CALL 956-747-3020 for more info!

We talk about the do’s and don’ts, safety tips and necessary steps to follow in the event of a fire. Let’s switch up a bit!

In this blog: Let’s look into 10 interesting facts, about fire, you won’t want to miss out on reading!

Interesting Fact 1: Fire is a chemical rection that releases light and heat!

Interesting Fact 2: A candle flame typically burns at around 1000 degrees Celsius (1800 Fahrenheit) That’s 10xs the temperature of boiling water!

Interesting Fact 3: Scientist believe that humans began using fire to cook food in a controlled way about 1,000,000 years ago.

Interesting Fact 4: Earth is the only known fire where fire can burn. Everywhere else, you wont find enough oxygen for fire to ignite.

Interesting Fact 5: oxygen supply plays a big factor in the color of the flame. Low oxygen fire gives of a yellowish type of glow. High oxygen will create a blue flame.

Interesting Fact 6: You can crate water from fire! Experient time! (With supervision of an adult if minor) place a cold spoon over a candle and watch water vapor condense on the metal.

Interesting Fact 7: it takes less than 30 seconds after a fire loses control, becomes very difficult to control.

Interesting Fact 8: More people tend to die from smoke inhalation than flames.

Interesting Fact 9: Trees can explode during wildfires: if the trees have retained water, the heat will turn that water to steam causing the tree to explode.

Interesting Fact 10: Walt Disney is the largest consumer of fireworks in the United States!

Although these are all pretty interesting facts, staying safe is still our number one goal and priority. Know that in the event of a fire, you can always count on the professionals to provide you the best experience. helping you gain your home back for an experience, “Like it never even happened.”

Hurricane Season with SERVPRO Brownsville-SPI

7/13/2021 (Permalink)

be-ready-with-servpro-hurricane-season It's always busy at SERVPRO Brownsville-SPI, when we offer 24/7 round clock assistance! Call 956-747-3020 for more information!

SERVPRO wants you to be hurricane ready at all times, so let’s go over some information you may need when preparing for hurricane season:

(Always remember personal/important medication/documentation for traveling).

Give yourself time to be prepared:

Meaning stock up on all the good stuff: from emergency disaster supplies, water, medicine supplies and food. Pay attention to any changes or updates in local guidelines about any evacuation plans and shelter. (Including shelters for your pets, if applicable)

You may need to evacuate:

Be prepared with a “go kit”. Include items that may also protect you and others, if available; like germ x, Lysol wipes, Lysol spray, bar or liquid soap. Medications, a change of clothes for everyone. (Consider food and water also, in the event your relocated and have no food you’re prepared.

Our blog “sign up for weather alerts TODAY!” posted on 07/02/2021:

We provide an extensive list of weather alerts you can sign up for and stay updated on storm updates in your region.

We care for the safety of our pets as well:

Have a disaster kit ready for pets. Get more information on the disaster shelter you have chosen, to see if they accept pets.

Staying with friends:

Go over any details in plans with your relative, assure that you all are on the same page. Remember to take your “go kit”.  You may not need to take food or water if you are staying with a relative or clothing.

If you under go any damages during a catastrophic event, call SERVPRO East Mission/ South Edinburg. When being the professionals in clean up and restoration we assure you an experience “Like it never even happened.”

Water damage vs flood damage

7/13/2021 (Permalink)

sesrvpro-brownsville-spi-teamwork At SERVPRO Brownsville-SPI, we work 1x1 with your insurance provider saving you time and hassle! Just call 956-747-3020 for more info.!

Would you be shocked, to learn today, that flood damage is not considered a form of water damage?  “What?” “How?” or “Why?” are probably all the questions going through your head right now. You’re not alone though.

Homeowners/business owners sometimes don’t know or realize that water damage and flood damage are 2 different kinds of coverages. It’s important to know that if you own a home but do not have flood insurance, you will not be compensated by your insurance company for flood damage.

We’re going to break down some components for you here and explain some causes and key items your insurance WONT cover in the event of either flood or water damage.

Water Damage:

Potentially covered by homeowner’s insurance. Affects only your home.

  • Common causes:
    • appliances, busted/frozen/leaking pipes, bathtub/toilet overflow
  • Key items not covered:
    • Repair of the source of the leak (i.e. washing machine)
    • Flood damage

Flood Damage:

Potentially covered by flood insurance. Rising water OUTSIDE the home as well. You and your neighbors where effected (2 or more properties)

  • Common causes:
    • Body of water overflow
    • Heavy constant rain
  • Key items not covered:
    • Outside Property (trees, fences)
    • Vehicles

Get in contact with your insurance to get a personal breakdown, if you’re facing water damages. They can determine if for your scenario, you’d be covered.

Mold Remediation at your Business.

7/13/2021 (Permalink)

mold-heepa-vacumming-cleaning Check out our technicians helper here HEEPA vacuuming, which is the first step in mold remediation!

Mold can be anywhere and everywhere. Although we may think, “mold is small”, it can easily grow and spread faster than we think. Interesting fact: Mold can produce these spores that will float in the air and spread from outdoors to indoors and vise versa.

Mold can be found from outside, inside and yes even your commercial business. Mold typically, will grow in a wet or constant damp indoor areas. This can lead to interior damage like rotten wood or damaged drywall.

If you see mold inside your commercial space, it should be taken care off immediately before it causes problems and interrupts your business. If you’re an employee report any mold finding to upper management for proper procedures. Taking care of mold as soon as it found is crucial to avoid any employees getting sick which can lead to them missing work leading to less production. Also taking into mind the damages to the structure of your business might worsen with the more you prolong it.

If you develop mold in your commercial business, you can either remove it yourself, call a company to remove it or do mold remediation. Mold remediation is a process in which mold is removed but also addresses the CAUSE of the mold outbreak so that it won’t happen again.

If you hire SERVPRO Brownsville-SPI for your mold remediation, we will inspect visual spaces and even spaces that you didn’t consider. Don’t waste time if you have spotted signs of mold, call 956-747-3020 for more information!

SERVPRO of Brownsville-SPI at Your Service

7/13/2021 (Permalink)

servpro-demolition-team-working-skills Giving our client an experience, "Like it never even happened."

It’s no doubt, when we are in deeply need, we want 1 solution for that problem. We are only human and when it comes to dealing with catastrophic damages, we want the simplest stress-free solutions.

At SERVPRO, you best believe that’s what you’ll get when you place the call. To begin with were 24/7/365. Meaning if it's 3 am and your 10-year-old goes to wake you and let you know there’s a pool forming IN your kitchen, you don’t have to worry. Maybe the fridge is leaking or a broken sink pipe, whatever the root cause was we will clean up and restore the damages it left behind.

With a team of certified technicians working with a strong crew, you don’t have to worry about who will be in your home. Trust the best and call 956-747-3020, at SERVPRO Brownsville-SPI, our representatives are on call in the event you need us! We will handle all insurance paper work and call handling making your experience stress-free. Time is key and we know how important that can be to our customers. 

Water Damage: Can wet carpet and dry wall be saved?

7/12/2021 (Permalink)

brownsville-water-damaged-carpet Call 956-747-3020 for more information !

There may be a lot of questions we have when facing a water damage situation, but let’s face it when it comes down to our belongings we want to know, can they be restored. In other words, can they be saved. There are some events in which our walls will become wet as well in this case we may question ourselves, “am I going to have to remove this whole wall”. They aren’t silly questions, they’re actually very common.

Let’s break down some components that may become be ruined if you suffer any interior water damages.

Wet Carpet- Many carpets are made of synthetic fibers, which is what makes our carpets so fluffy and warm. These kinds of carpets are also going to be the ones that suffer the most with water damage. I bet you’re reading this like so yes or no can I keep my carpet or not. Well, it’s going to come down to the source of the water.  

  • If the flood comes with mud that was caused but a storm and the carpet was soaked for a long period of time, then you might just want to dispose of it
  • Now, if the flood was caused by standing water or a broken pipe, then there might be room to save it

Wet Drywall- When building a home, your walls and ceilings are made up of drywall. Dry wall, although may be easy to install and is durable, only requires simple repair when damaged. But what if they get wet? Believe it or not since dry wall is made of porous materials it can absorb water more than wood does. When it’s wet, it may well, swag, now and most of all, it can create the best breeding ground for bacteria and mold. You may need a profession to inspect the dry wall to determine if it needs drying or should simply be replaced.

Call SERVPRO Brownsville/SPI for more information on your personal items and inspection of your home. We can determine if any items can be salvageable and with a team of professionals by our side we can also determine if you will be needing any restorations to your home.

Fire Safety at Work

7/12/2021 (Permalink)


Fires in general are always going to be unexpected. When we find ourselves away from homes, we may grow a sense of panic (which is important not to do!) Remember these steps when in the middle of a fire, for a peace of mind when facing such scenarios.

If you are the owner to your business you may want to remind your employees:

  • Turn off electronic devices at the end of the day (this will help prevent any fires)
  • Keep heat producing equipment (copiers, computers, coffee makers, microwaves,) away from anything that might burn.
  • Report any faulty wiring or equipment’s malfunctions
  • Smoke only in designated areas (if applicable)
  • Call 911 in the event of a fire
  • Close doors when exiting to help limit the spread of smoke and fire
  • Never use the elevators during an evacuation
  • Follow the escape plan. If you have not created one for your employees, take some time to do so. The escape plan should include a meeting spot and a roster, for a headcount.
  • Post emergency telephone numbers as well as the company address by the phone in your station for quick access.
  • Learn how to properly use a fire extinguisher.

Keep your employees safe, by passing these fire prevention tips today!

Fire safety as Your Top Priority

7/12/2021 (Permalink)

fire-home-restoration-devastating-brownsville-spi No matter how big the damage rest assure SERVPRO can handle the clean-up, disinfection, neutralize odors and restoration process TOP to BOTTOM!

At SERVPRO Brownsville-SPI, we understand a fire can be quite devastating. That’s why we are here to provide you a bit of information in fire safety for you and your family.

Don’t be a hero

We understand, you may feel urge to dive back into danger for a loved one or personal belonging. But you have to remember that the risk of you doing so will only increase the odds of injury or death to yourself.

  • you are not trained nor have the proper gear to enter a home in flames. Wait for firefighters to arrive at the scene and inform them of anyone who may still be in the fire.

Minimize risks at home

Make sure those in your home know how to cook and little ones stay away from the stove. Keep all candles and portable heaters at a safe distance from walls clothes and other items. Get a professional to inspect your wiring and never smoke indoors.

Fire alarms 6 month check up

If your fire alarms aren’t working, you’re not going to be notified in the event of a fire. Many fires station to provide free alarm inspections. Call your local fire station to see if they offer this service.

Escape plan

Creating an emergency fire escape plan is the most important think you can craft up, especially if you have children. Review where to go, how to exit the house, and how to stay under the smoke, and identify a meetup location.

Fire extinguishers in the home as a precaution

Although having an extinguisher is important when being prepared for a house fire, they should only be used sparingly. Extinguishers are used to put out small fires and depending on the type of fire as well. DON’T rely on an extinguisher, grab it if you can, but definitely educate yourself on the dos and don’ts of a fir extinguisher if you’re considering one for your home.

Fires are scary, let’s be honest. When undergoing through this proves, your homeowners’ insurance should be handled by capable adjusters and insurance agents. If by any chance you feel the insurance company isn’t treating you fairly or not providing the full coverage you believe you should be receiving or they deny your claim. Give SERVPRO Brownsville-SPI a call. We have helped many residents who have been affected in the past and continue to provide these restoration services. You’ll come home “Like it never even happened.”

Storm Language

7/12/2021 (Permalink)

tarping-brownsville-spi-servpro-storm-stop After/during a storm, some home owners experience roof leaks. In this time, our technicians use "tarping" as a technique to stop the water leakage.

We’re in mid storm season and you know what that means. We hear them on the radio, on tv and even our phones send us notifications. I’m talking about WEATHER WATCHES! We all need to familiarize ourselves and educate our children on these terms to be alert in the event we are issued a warning. ESA

Know the lingo!

Flood Watch – this means an overflow of water from a river is possible for the area receiving this alert

Flash Flood Watch- this means that flash flooding is possible or close the area. These can be placed for as long as 12 hours.

Flood Warning- means flooding conditions are actually occurring in the warning area.

FLASH Flood Warning- this means that the flash flooding is ACTUALLY going on in the area. This may also be issued as a result of torrential rains or snow thaw.

In the event you suffer any home damages due to a storm, call SERVPRO Brownsville- SPI. Open 24/7, we can provide more information if needed at 956-747-3020.