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Storm Damage Testimonials

SERVPRO of East Brownsville & South Padre Island Was professional, Prompt, and polite

Outstanding service from SERVPRO Of East Brownsville & South Padre Island!

The SERVPRO guys worked hard to tarp my home and dry it out.  Brought their own power and in 3 days had us able to stay back in the house.  I appreciate their service and am thankful they helped us.

The Storms that impacted my area were devastating.  Luckily our home had minor damage but got plenty of water.  SERVPRO managed to dry it out and we were back within days.  Great Job Guys.

I was very impressed with the SERVPRO response.  I did not expect anyone to come so quickly and help us.  Thank You.

SERVPRO was very helpful during this storm event.  My entire structure was wet and they quickly dried it up for us.  Very pleased with the crews and timeline.